Enterprises in Riga about renovation and environmentally friendly work

The impact of climate change is more apparent now than ever. Melting ice caps and rising sea levels are just a few reasons exemplifying the need for the world to make adjustments and efforts in our everyday lives that are aligned with a more green and sustainable life. Such adjustments and efforts can be as simple as switching to using a refillable water bottle, as opposed to buying a plastic bottle, and using public transportation to get to work instead of driving to work. 

At Ekubirojs, we are doing our part in society to promote sustainable way of life by working towards a mission that seeks to renovate residential buildings to promote energy efficiency and the well-being and health of the residents. At Ekubirojs we focus on deep renovation which is a process where residential buildings with low rates of energy efficiency are renovated in order to improve this energy efficiency and residential building inhabitant health and well being.

In August, Ekubirojs decided to approach other companies that were implementing an environmental-first approach to the way of doing business. More specifically, we wanted to find out their corporate mindset towards more sustainable and green business and the level of importance they give to deep renovation.