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A one stop agency for anyone who wants to improve housing security and energy efficiency.


The best way to provide citizens with long-lasting homes is to make sure every stakeholder from the government down to the smallest supplier has the same interest as the final beneficiary i.e. the citizen or apartment owner

To line up all interests – commercial, financial, legal and regulatory – we have developed a tested model: the guaranteed energy savings model.


This model serves most citizens providing them long term guarantees for safer, healthier and warmer homes


This model uses the existing energy productivity of the building to finance the renovation needed to deliver a safe, warm home


This model ensures the quality of the construction works

What type of renovation does my home need to make it safer, healthier and warmer one?

Balcony in facade before renovation

Balcony in facade before renovation

The renovation should be serious and by serious we mean one that includes:

  • Firstly, a solid roof and safe foundations;
  • Secondly, protection against dampness;
  • Thirdly, proper ventilation;
  • And, of course, sufficient warm and cold water.

All this define a well maintained building which ideally should be surrounded by safe and attractive yard with playground, tidy sidewalks and a parking space.

Balcony in facade after renovation

Balcony in facade after renovation

Do you want to know more about our services?

Read about our long term Energy Performance Contracting model EPC+


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