EPC+ is a long term Energy Performance Contracting model which includes the needed measures for building deep retrofits and aims to develop the necessary ecosystem as EPC+ is the optimal solution to the social, financial and technical challenges faced by the residential sector.

Typically, an EPC’s term is 3–8 years, and focuses solely on implementing energy efficiency measures. The renovation of Multi Family Buildings (MFBs) must go beyond increasing energy efficiencies but attention must be paid to the social aspects: the health, safety and sustainability of healthy living conditions for the families in the MFBs.

The EPC+ addresses energy efficiency measures (external walls insulation, window and door replacement,ventilation and hot water systems renovation) as well as repairs of building fundamental elements and common rooms ( staircases, roofs, fire equipment, balconies etc). These additional measures do not directly contribute to reducing energy consumption, that is why financing them within the energy savings increases the total payback period of the investments. Long payback period and active cooperation with EPC+ provider gives the residents a possibility to actively contribute,extend the life of their building and modify their everyday behavior to achieve the best result together.

EPC+ corresponds to the basic values and principles of European EPC Code of Conduct.

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ESEB has developed a standardized EPC+ contract for deep renovation of Multi Family Buldings (MFB) that can be extended to the public sector as well. The senior team of Birojs applies its extensive practical experience in Finance, Technology and Project Implementation utilizing EPC+ to inform and assist residents and businesses.



We lobby policy makers as well as national and international financial institutions to guarantee the continuation of financial support and the availability of any associated resources necessary for the viability and sustainability of deep renovation.



We train potential ESCOs and communicate and engage with residents, home associations and maintenance companies to raise awareness (via direct dialogue, conferences, seminars, etc.) and provide consultations to develop both sides of the EPC+ market – supply and demand.



Under the terms of the contract, the Birojs can provide Conflict Resolution and Mediation services.

EPC Code Administrator

ESEB is a National Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Code Administrator in Latvia. EPC Code of Conduct has been developed within the project Transparence to help increase transparency and trustworthiness of EPC markets.

European Code of Conduct for EPC

The European Code of Conduct for Energy Performance Contracting (the “EPC Code of Conduct”) defines the basic values and principles that are considered fundamental for the successful, professional and transparent implementation of Energy Performance Contracting (“EPC”) projects in European countries.

First the EPC Code of Conduct defines principles of the behaviour of EPC providers. Second EPC Code of Conduct is an EPC quality indicator for Clients on what they should expect and require from EPC providers and which principles they themselves should adhere to in order to achieve expected energy savings and related benefits. The EPC Code of Conduct is a voluntary commitment and is not legally binding document. The key message of the Code of Conduct is that EPC represents a fair energy service business model.

Detailed information in English about European Code of Conduct is available here.

EPC Code of Conduct

Here, you can download EPC Code of Conduct

Signatory process

To apply for a signatory statuss download and fill signing form for EPC provider, association of EPC providers or EPC facilitator & other signatory and send it to e-mail info@ekubirojs.lv.

If the EPC signatory operates in more than one country, it is recomended that signatory submit the signing form in each country to the relevant National EPC Code Administrator, so that EPC signatory becomes included in the National List of EPC Code Signatories for each country in which it operates. To download description of signing procedure please look down.

Signing procedure

Here, you can download Signing Procedure of EPC Code of Conduct

EPC Code of Conduct signatories list

National List of EPC Code Signatories is constantly updated. Logo European Code of Conduct for EPC EPC Providers:

EPC Facilitators and Other Signatories: