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Our goal is to ensure citizens with long-lasting homes: safer, healthier and warmer

Mediator and Protector

Of course there are always chances of problems and for this ESEB has set up mediation process that is a way of bringing the parties together to review and verify facts and address the issue in an efficient, fair and quick manner finding solutions instead of problems



To help accelerate this process and to encourage any builder, maintenance company or other building sector related company to work in this way, ESEB has becomed a National Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Code Administrator in Latvia. EPC Code of Conduct has been developed within the project Transparence to help increase transparency and trustworthiness of EPC markets throughout Europe.



ESEB also conducts seminars for house elders to help them organize their building and organize the renovation process in a manner that best protects the interests of the owners and the residents



ESEB has a legislative and regulatory agenda. It actively lobbies both government and Parliament for changes which will support providing better homes: safe, healthy and warm


Our organization, ESEB, advocates on behalf of residents. To develop an evidence-based policy proposals and to ensure that business models line up with the interest of residents, our organization conducts extensive social and technical research. To conduct a research internship positions are available to social science and environmental science students or recent graduates.

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