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Batāte is offering the experience of home cooked, healthy and wholesome meals on a daily basis by delivering to your home the necessary ingredients and portions along with step by step recipe to prepare meals from their menu  

In doing so, Batāte explained to us that their approach to more sustainable business is to avoid plastic packaging as much as possible and to eventually  eliminate it and find environmentally friendly substitutions. Until then, Batāte I uses the absolute minimum necessary amount of packaging, even if it is using recyclable materials, such as paper. Batāte also has a return policy on their packaging allowing clients to return packaging that can be reused.

The number one tip from Batāte that everyone should implement in their everyday lives is to think of the long term impact – it is a marathon and not a sprint. So we have to be smart in our choices and actions today to have good results not only for the present but also for the future. Elizabeth from Batāte says that she usually tries to imagine what life she wishes for her children and grandchildren and what she wants them to experience on this planet. So it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment and leave it in a good condition for the future generations.

In terms of deep renovation, Batāte believes that building renovation is important for several reasons. First of all, it contributes to the architectural landscape of a city or town, meaning that we can preserve the cultural heritage while also having a beautiful and tidy environment. Renovating old buildings can make them more energy efficient as, for example, they need less resources to heat up the buildings. Finally, by renovating old buildings we save the existing natural space and don’t destroy nature in the process. I believe it is extremely important to keep as much green space as possible.

Ekubirojs is very thankful to Elizabete from Batāte for the opportunity to discuss their environmentally forward approach to business and their thoughts on deep renovations. We appreciate the company’s efforts and recommendations for a more sustainable environment and lifestyle.

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