Building an Ecosystem


The Ekubirojs family

Ekubirojs is an NGO that works close together with our family organizations to ensure project success.

Creating an ecosystem for innovation

Sunshine Platform

We have made it easy to implement smart financing for building renovation projects with our pan-European platform. The Sunshine Platform aligns stakeholders, tracks progress, reports project activities, and visualizes savings for consumers and governments. This  ensures transparency, security, and efficiency – saving time and money.

Funding for Future

Our impact Impact investment advisory services.

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Consortium Projects

With our research, stakeholder and innovation skills, we have been a member in many European funded projects:

Accelerate Sunshine

REFINE – an Fcubed project


We have complied a list of resources that are helpful for green financing, stakeholder alignment and sustainable building renovation. If you would like more personalized resources, please get in contact

With this ecosystem, we ensure that we create results, not just noise.

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