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Based on street Krišjāņa Barona 46 is a Latvian-produced ecological product store called “iDille”. The grocery store provides organic Latvian goods that are exclusively from domestic farmers. Operating already for 10 years, “iDille” is the first store in the country offering high-quality and locally produced groceries to Riga’s residents. 

“iDille” describes their production as: local and ecological; tasty and healthy; and seasonal and qualitative. One could say that “iDille” is one of the biggest models for other stores to offer similar locally farmed products. Supporting local farmers and producers is not only a motivating factor as this business model has a greater effect on the Latvian economy and growth in the agriculture sector.

Supporting the environment is also cited by “iDille” as a motivating factor as the store’s carbon footprint is significantly reduced given that food is travelling less from farm to store. Once again, this model creates a sustainable result for the planet, farmers, and consumers who are eating locally grown organic food. 

In regards to deep renovation “iDille” asserts that having buildings that are well-maintained and energy efficient is very important. This is not just for the environmental purpose but also in terms of modernizing buildings that fall into a category of houses that need to be renovated.  

 Ekubirojs is very thankful to the staff at “iDille” for the opportunity to discuss their views on the importance of environmental sustainability and deep renovations.

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