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Kalve Coffee, a local Riga coffee roastery company located in centre on street Stabu 38 and street Unijas 8 in Riga was the first company interviewed and is one that prioritizes the environment. To achieve this, the coffee company utilizes a zero-waste approach whereby staff deliver coffee beans to local customers, restaurants, and local businesses using electric cars and reusable buckets and tins to decrease potential waste. To customers who use refillable tins, customers receive a discounted price as there is no package being paid for.

In terms of deep renovation, the company admitted they are struggling to find buildings that are more open and accessible. Many buildings in Riga are currently not suitable to expand our business as they cannot accommodate wheelchairs or mothers with baby carriages. However, refurbishing buildings to create more accessible layouts is a priority when it comes to expansion.

Kalve Coffee believes that building deep renovation and making these premises more accessible could make everyone’s experience more enjoyable.

A year ago Kalve Coffee opened its café Kalve Espresso Room. Although the cafe is brand new, it has already rapidly developed in Riga as one of the most successful and environmentally sustainable coffee roasteries and coffee shops in Riga and Latvia. News ways to develop and make products and services more environmentally friendly are always being sought after at Kalve Coffee thereby setting the environmental bar for the rest of Riga’s coffee scene.

Ekubirojs is very thankful to the staff at Kalve Coffee for the opportunity to discuss their environmentally forward approach to business and their thoughts on deep renovations.

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