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Cities are facing constant changes

Urban centers are rapidly growing forcing us to figure out quickly how we are going to live together.

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In Our Community

In Latvia, there are over 50 Million sq. meters of residential buildings. Many of these buildings are steadily deteriorating, and increasingly dangerous.

A deteriorating housing stock means:

How do we fix this?

Through our methodology,  we support and guide citizens
and homeowners in their decision-making process of renovation as well
as throughout the whole process to deliver safe and comfortable homes. 

Specific objectives

Accelerate the adoption of Guaranteed Performance Contracting.
Provide evidence-based policy recommendations.
Increase investments in the deep renovation of building stock including Renewable Energy Sources.
Grow sustainable finance meeting SGE goals.
Ensure better quality projects.

Project results:

15 renovated multifamily buildings in Cesis, Sigulda, Valmiera and Riga.
660 multifamily building residents impacted.
Our method is replicated now in 6 other countries (Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Latvia).
Learn more about our projects in Latvia (Sunshine, Accerlate Sunshine).

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Our Renovated Buildings

International Projects

With our experience in diverse project implementation of financial mechanisms, stakeholder alignment, and policy recommendations, Ekubirojs continues as an integral part of international projects.

We bring expertise to project management, research and implementation in green financing in building renovation to generate healthy communities.

Ekubirojs is a social design NGO committed to work with citizens to take back their cities, as they transition to a healthier low-carbon, and circular economy.

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