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Energy Efficiency and Green Investment can save Europe's building stock

Ēkubirojs is a not-for-profit organization raising awareness about the problems Europe’s building stock faces, designing solutions for affordable housing renovation, and providing decision-makers with evidence-based recommendations. We are looking for your support to be able to help where it matters – our homes.

The Challenge:

Energy Poverty: More and more people struggle to pay their energy bills – at least 50 million EU citizens are affected by energy poverty, and due to the war in Ukraine, energy costs have soared.

Housing shortage: Many young families cannot find affordable homes – 10% of the EU’s population are overburdened by housing costs, and 17% live in overcrowded homes.

Climate Crisis: In the EU Households consume 26% of the energy and make up for 36% of CO2 emissions, which contributes to global warming and our dependence on Russian energy.

Health risks: Unsafe buildings and bad room climate cost the EU economy approximately €194 billion every year due to healthcare and productivity loss.

The Solution:

Deep renovations incorporating comprehensive Energy Efficiency measures can preserve and improve the deteriorating building stock.

They improve living conditions, provide energy security by cutting down energy needs and reducing Europe’s carbon footprint. But currently, many barriers prevent a renovation wave from taking off in Europe. Homeowners do not know of the risks of not renovating their buildings, many politicians do not take the issue seriously, and private companies are not interested in providing homeowners with effective and affordable solutions.

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What we do:

Advocate for the interest of homeowners and residents

Work with national governemts to reduce regulatory barriers and provide suitable support programs

Partner with municipalities to establish dEEp renovation programs

Create suitable business models and financing tools with with commercial organizations

Participate in EU-financed projects to develop supportive structures, business models and policy recommendations

Where You come in:

To continue our work, we need your help! We want to increase our reach in Europe. While we gained the necessary experience in Latvia, the housing crisis affects the whole continent and even beyond. To help the European community resolve this crisis, we can produce more and better awareness-raising materials, increase our social media reach and directly approach European policymakers to reduce regulatory barriers from the top. We can help companies that want to provide energy services to add dEEp renovations to their portfolio and support municipalities to establish renovation programs that will directly benefit local homeowners and the local economy.

Not all of these efforts are covered by EU project funding. However, with your support, we will be more free to place our efforts where they can have the most significant impact.

Support us with Your donation!