Cities are complex

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Ekubirojs is a social design NGO committed to work with citizens to take back their cities, as they transition to a healthier low-carbon, and circular economy.

What We Do

To solve the challenges that cities face, we take a holistic approach during project implementation in both our local and global communities.


Wellbeing begins at home, but it has to be affordable and sustainable for all stakeholders involved.


By taking an ecosystemic view, we deliver results based on thorough evidence.


Our services are multidisciplinary to ensure citizens with better homes.

A new approach is needed that designs cities to connect people.


We are inspired by our own homes and cities. Ekubirojs was established in 2012 to promote Energy Efficiency and green investment in the Baltics and eastern Europe, leveraging the tremendous energy saving opportunities in Soviet Era buildings.

Ever since, we have been working with the public and private sector as well as citizens, giving us experience in understanding different perspectives that communities may have.

We align stakeholders from all sectors acquiring experience to spot opportunities and design new products and services to meet the complex challenges of 21ST century cities.

Our Values

We are committed to

Ecosystem Approach:

Aligning the interests of each stakeholder, ensuring also the interests of the final beneficiary.


Standardizing processes and documentation to guarantee a clear process and measurable evidence.


Reducing transaction costs significantly through technology and collaboration.

Our Team

We are a small and creative team made up of researchers, financial analysts, process specialists, community organizers, product and process designers.

Inese Kerta

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Our board members

Nicholas Stancioff
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