Are you interested in renovating your building?

What is the Ēkubirojs One-Stop-Shop (OSS)?

Our One-Stop-Shop is a virtual place where residents, housing associations and building managers can find all the information they need to start their dEEp building renovation journey. 

What is dEEp Building Renovation?

DEEp renovation is a comprehensive renovation of a building based on Energy Efficiency. You will not only improve and modernize the aesthetic of your building, but also requalify its entire structure to avoid emergency repairs in the future. 

DEEp renovation is the best opportunity to renovate your building paying with the energy savings you will have once all internal systems work as new. Through dEEp renovation, you and your neighbours can renovate your building and afford it.

We ensure long-term guaranteed health, safety, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Benefits of dEEp Building Renovation:

Reduced energy consumption

Less energy will be required to heat your home.

Cheaper energy bills

You can use saved money to pay for the renovation works.

Guaranteed indoor temperature

You will know the indoor temperature of your house for the next years when signing the dEEp renovation contract.

Guaranteed health and safety

We usually spend 92% of our time indoors. Choose better air quality.

Less money and effort in maintenance

Energy-efficient, qualitatively insulated houses require less investment for emergency repairs and maintenance.


We assure you qualified advice, competitive products and prices. One centralized point of contact will make your experience ”hassle free”,We are guaranteeing quality and a service that helps you access financing and handling possible subsidies.

We support you and your neighbours throughout the renovation process of your building:

We help you evaluate the best renovation option.

We suggest you the most accessible financial plan.

We handle the enormous amount of paperwork on your behalf.

1. Your Advocate

One of our experts will accompany you through your entire renovation journey to answer all questions, be your advocate and make sure you get guaranteed results.

2. Easy to Use Online Tools

Our SUNShINE One-Stop-Shop gives you access to all necessary information about the dEEp renovation journey.

You and your neighbors can follow your building’s renovation step by step. We make it transparent for you.

3. Mediation

If any issues arises, we will guarantee you advocacy and mediation services.

Renovated buildings

Save your home by saving energy!

During comprehensive renovations in multifamily residential buildings the engineering network elements and exterior construction will be improved.


Reduced energy consumption


of our time is spent indoors

SUNShINE Platform

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