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The dEEp renovation process of buildings is complex and usually carries risks. A new approach is needed that brings all stakeholders together.

Ēkubirojs is your deep renovation One-Stop-Shop. We will help you get your building renovated.

Go to Residents

Are you a resident interested in renovating your building?

Are you a resident interested in renovating your building?

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We offer services that tackle citizens’ lack of trust in engaging with building renovation, as well as citizens’ unfair access to financial tools to afford dEEp building renovation.

Supporting Building Renovation through our One-Stop-Shop:

Supporting residents and market operators during the dEEp renovation project to ensure a simpler and safer renovation journey.


Mediation of conflicts between residents and others involved in the renovation process.

Fill in the following form if you or your building are in need of support to solve a conflict.


Consulting in dEEp renovation and its financing options in Europe.


We provide policy recommendations that are evidence-based. Check our Learning Hub for more information.

Advocacy & Influencing National Regulations

Lobbying policy-makers at local and regional level to make citizens’ voice and needs heard, and to promote investments in building renovation

Promoting legislation that supports the dEEp renovation, enabling a transition to a carbon-neutral Europe.

Outreach & Training

Partnerships and stakeholder engagement at regional and global level to raise awareness about the urgency of dEEp building renovation for EU transition to a carbon-neutral region


We have experience in project development, management and evaluation, in stakeholder alignment and community engagement, in financial mechanisms for building renovation, and in policy recommendations. By collaborating and partnering with both EU and international partners from public and private sectors, we bring our expertise all over the world.


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