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We have put together resources, training materials and blog articles to help build awareness and educate on dEEp building renovation and its benefits at individual, societal and global level.


We have complied a list of resources that are helpful for green financing, stakeholder alignment and sustainable building renovation. If you would like more personalized resources, please get in contact.

Energy Efficiency and Our solution

Research - Renovation impact on climate change and energy efficiency habits of residents
Multi-family building renovation handbook (LV) 🇦🇹
Handbook: Deep renovation of multifamily residential buildings using Energy Performance Contracting
Sunshine Platform


List of National code administrators
European Code of Conduct for Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)
A case study from Gaujas Street in Valmiera
Residents’ understanding and perception of the impact of renovation of multifamily dwellings

Key legislation

Energy Law (LV) 🇦🇹
Energy Efficiency Law (LV) 🇦🇹
Energy Performance of Buildings Law (LV) 🇦🇹
On Residential Property (LV) 🇦🇹
Law On Administration of Residential Houses (LV) 🇦🇹
Regulations on Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance for Construction Specialists and Contractors (LV) 🇦🇹
Construction Law (LV) 🇦🇹
The Civil Law of Latvia (LV/EN) 🇦🇹
Latvia Data Protection Law (LV) 🇦🇹


Ēkubirojs Mediation rules
Mediation Law (LV) 🇦🇹

Our Projects' findings

Sunshine & Accelerate Sunshine project results
Fineergo-Dom project results
EUROPA resources
UP-STAIRS project


Find also blogs in Latvian here.

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