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World Sustainable Energy Days

On February 24th Ekubirojs research “Renovation impact on climate change and energy efficiency habits of residents” was presented in Young Researchers Conference by Ilze Vardanjana and Māra Laizāne. In other words, Ekubirojs research Presentation was made in Energy Efficiency part of the conference where young scientists show their research results in the field of energy efficiency.

In the Young Researchers Conference: Energy Efficiency there were also presentations from speakers of Republic of Korea, Serbia, Morocco, Germany and Austria. To clarify, the scientific committee also choose the two best young researchers. But, this year the award for Best Young Researcher: Energy Efficiency went to Delia D’Agostino from Italy. To clarify, Delia presented research “Modelling optimal paths to reach NZEB standards for new construction in Europe”.

This Conference gives opportunity to young scientists to tell about their work to larger audience. It was part of the larger event World Sustainable Energy Days 2016, that is one of the largest annual conferences in Europe. 700 experts from 57 countries participated in this conference. During this event public is informed about renewable energy and energy efficiency.

More information about the conference is available Here

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