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Good practices cannot develop without sharing experiences.

Latvia, and its capital, Riga, constantly aim to improve the social, economic, and environmental health of all Latvians. Riga collaborates with other municipalities to learn from successes and challenges. For all of our homes, building renovation is an important aspect of quality of life. It requires long-term vision, planning and collaboration, to make our homes safer, healthier and comfortable. The City of Riga recognises this and, in collaboration with the Prospect H2020 project, Eurocities, Ekubirojs, and Funding for Future (F3), has invited Latvian Estonian, and Lithuanian municipalities, city council members, private sector organisations and international experts to share and exchange know-how and experience in innovative methodologies that take a holistic approach to building renovation.

The event is on 7 October, focusing on “Innovative financing mechanism for building renovation in the Baltic States: Experiences, Insights and Lessons Learned for a way forward together.”

“This international and multidisciplinary workshop will present an innovative financing methodology for deep energy efficiency building renovation, which has been successfully implemented in Latvia with the Latvian Building Energy Efficiency Facility (LABEEF) for the past five years, building on the Renesco experience renovating 15 homes across Latvia,” says Bernadett Degrendele, Eurocities smart cities project coordinator and facilitator of Prospect. “This success can be attributed to the combined methodology of financing and stakeholder involvement created through automated processes and standardisation as well as on-the-ground collaboration with buildings. Recognised as a best practise example by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) in Germany for sustainable finance, the BEEF methodology is now being replicated in a number of other European countries (Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria) thanks to FinEERgoDom, a Horizon 2020 project.”

According to Bernadett Degrendele, “In the last three years I have seen many municipalities and regions working together and being fully committed to learning from each other. The funding and financing of climate projects and reaching the targets requires capacity building and collaboration. Our workshop with Riga council, Ekubirojs, Funding for Future B.V. demonstrates that strong willingness and commitment of both public and private sector to bring results in this field. Honest conversations, in depth knowledge exchange, political commitment, expertise and an innovative mindset are the key ingredients for successful projects.”

We will be live tweeting and sharing content throughout the day on 7 October.
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