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Today, October 28th, the Ekubirojs team proudly launches its One-Stop-Shop for Building Renovation in Latvia.

“With our One-Stop-Shop, we will ensure Latvians’ wellbeing through long-lasting homes that are safer, healthier and warmer.”

Marts Zeltins, Managing Director

Ekubirojs is a social design non-profit organization that rethinks cities and is committed to rejuvenating the urban infrastructure and its social fabric. We conduct multidisciplinary research, advocate for evidence-based policies, and co-design and implement projects to connect people, foster SMEs growth, and reduce CO2 emissions.

Ekubirojs is based in Riga, Latvia, and operates within the country and at the European level through EU-funded projects. Among those, Ekubirojs is part of the EUROPA project, an h2020 project aimed at setting up 5 different One-Stop-Shops across Europe to scale up building renovation across the region supported by the Energy Efficiency Subscription, which is a set of guidelines and specificities for service providers in the field.

After one year from the beginning of the EUROPA project, Ekubirojs launches its virtual One-Stop-Shop to make Latvians’ building renovation journey simpler, better, and more transparent. Our One-Stop-Shop aims at facilitating and coordinating the renovation process of multi-family buildings in Latvia through the SUNShINE platform, a digital project management tool where homeowners and service providers meet to organize, manage, keep track, and evaluate renovation projects. Our OSS experts will illustrate to you all the health, comfort, and safety benefits of building renovation together with the money you will save from the energy saved after the renovation works. They will walk you through the entire renovation process, listen to your concerns, needs and expectations, match you with certified, trustworthy and reliable service providers, and decide with you the best financial plan to make your building renovation affordable and sustainable.

Don’t waste your time! Renovē kamēr Tev vēl ir ko renovēt! Call us at +371 28 30 87 04 or send us an email at to book a free consultation with one of our OSS experts to start your renovation journey. We know the process is long and difficult.

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